The foundation of VISHNU HOUSING extends back to 1986, to the vision and dedication of its founder Sri.Krishna Prasad (Chairman & Managing Director) a pioneer who is totally committed to quality, both in terms of product as well as service.

Vishnu Housing welcomes your ideas and works with you to build apartments exactly to your specifications and your long standing desires. This is because we believe that a customer's apartment is more than just a new apartment. In fact we are convinced that it should be an extension of one's individuality, and a reflection of one's taste, lifestyle and personality. That's why we lay special emphasis on good communication , not only at the beginning of the job, but throughout every stage of the construction. 

Sri Krishna Prasad
(Chairman & Managing Director)

We take pride in our ability to communicate, and to listen. Really listen. To your needs, your desires and your dreams. Because it is our job to understand and translate your dreams into constructive, tangible, appreciable reality, in other words into a distinctive apartment.

This personal involvement in each and every new home is part of our "total package/holistic" approach to home building.
Look us over. We'd like to make you a commitment. The same one we've made to every customer we've ever worked for. 

Complete and Total Satisfaction. If you're the kind of person who won't settle for less, then Vishnu Housing is the builder you've been looking for.

Make your dreams come true with works of art by Vishnu Housing.
Vishnu Housing  is
Symbol of Quality